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Get to Know Us


Eileen Stoveld


When the kids went off to school and Eileen had too much time on her hands, she went back to her English roots and began gardening. After working with a mentor for a number of years, she opened her own design firm. Over a decade later, it's about more than just keeping busy and planting flowers.


For Eileen, it's about the relationships that are built over years with the clients and their gardens. Her process begins by walking each property quietly, alone, imagining the details that could bring the garden to life, and then working with her team to make it a reality. The process is cyclical, but the joy their garden designs bring the clients has always been the end goal.

Something extra - if she's not gardening, she's playing with her lovely grandchildren!


Tyler Wilkins


Having grown up on a farm, Tyler was immediately thrown into the world of plants, gardens, succulents and all things nature. Since then, he has always loved to be outside and to get his hands dirty. Having worked with Eileen since 2013, he has become the master of all things logistics and getting things done.


For Tyler, every home, garden, and piece of land is different, and it's about ensuring each garden is uniquely perfect for their clients. Following on the heels of Eileen's creative process, when Tyler looks at a property, he sees the big picture - how the beauty of a well-thought out garden can transform a home into a masterpiece.

Something extra - if he's not gardening, he's gone fly-fishing!

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